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$49.00 This package includes:

The workbook will:
teach you how to go about removing the 4 blockages you create that prevents you from connecting to and hearing the Voice of your Higher Self. (These are:)

  • busyness of the mind caused by mind chatter: you need to learn to quiet the mind. Practice with meditation helps this. Guided meditation and learning to use guided imagery helps beginners and intermediate level meditators quiet the mind-linked
  • doubts and fears: your doubts and fears are your most limiting factors standing between where you are and what you desire in life.
  • fear of feeling
  • lacking self love

Benefits gained through using this workbook:

Each person learns through different methods. This workbook course is offered in several learning modalities. For those who like to see what they are learning and process information visually, this workbook is offered in an ebook format. For those who learn best through auditory there is an audio format to complement you learning modality. There are both writing and action exercises to help increase learning through other sensory experiences.

$99.00 You will receive:

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Health Tip of the Day

Limited thinking is about the past. It is your interpretation or generalized belief of what you think is possible for you. These beliefs cause you to hesitate or not give your all. Kevin Touhey

Disclamer: The information provided in this Health Tip of the Day is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitue for advice from a physician or other health care professional.

Book: A Primer into Consciousness
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