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"A super you is achieved not in leaps and bounds, but with one super small step at a time."

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There are 3 levels of coaching packages offered. None of these are written in stone and can be optimized for your individual needs.

Call or e-mail me for a FREE, No-Risk 30 minute Health Coaching Session by telephone**. This one session alone will help you begin to eliminate issues to move forward in your life.
** US/Canada only

Level 3: Powered by Purpose:

This package is $441 per month: which consists of (3) 45 minute sessions per month with web support* beginning in session 7. You get unlimited email access to me, and one additional 15 minute bonus phone session each month for use in sharing victories or challenges that can’t wait until the next session. Because nursing schedules tend to be vigorous and unpredictable, one of the 45 minute sessions can be split into two sessions of 20 and 25 minutes each, if needed. Included in this package is the intake session covered in the first coaching session (this session may run up to one hour) and the 3-part meditation series complimenting the focus on identifying and overcoming gremlins. This package follows the 5-step system: From Burnout to Empowerment in 5 Steps:

  1. Define the underlying problem(s) and goal
  2. Eliminate “Energy Sappers”
  3. Identify and overcome gremlins
  4. Assess and learn strengths
  5. Empower Self

For those of you wishing to further your studies on working with your higher guides and purpose, the purchase of my workbook (print) for $17 is an option. (Mp3 of the workbook meditations offered at no extra charge with the workbook). There are additional package pricing for other forms of the workbook (ie. Audio and/or ebook). (4 month minimum~ ideally 6 months)

Level 2: Attunement to Purpose:

This package is $315 per month: consisting of (3) 30 minute sessions per month with web support* starting in session 6 or 7. you as the client have email access to me in between sessions. An intake session is included in the price of this package (45 minutes to 1 hour long). This package also follows the 5-step package: From Burnout to Empowerment in 5 Steps (See Level 1 description for details). You will have the option to purchase the 3-part meditation series that compliments the focus on overcoming gremlins for a cost of $24.99. You will be made aware of other optional purchases for self-study or future teleseminar availabilities at additional costs. (4 month minimum)

Level 1: Empowerment:

This package is $234 per month: which is (2) 30 minute sessions per month with web support* beginning after the 2nd session. An intake is recommended, charged separately at $99, completed in the first session and in addition to the 2 sessions in the first month. I am available by email in between coaching session. This is an introductory coaching package, or can be a maintenance program after you have completed one of the above programs. This package focuses on letting go of things in our lives that sap our life-force energy, and gaining empowerment with “cleaning out our mental closets”. This package is offered month-to-month.

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Health Tip of the Day

For true success, ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? James Allen

Disclamer: The information provided in this Health Tip of the Day is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitue for advice from a physician or other health care professional.

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