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Hi, I am Erivynn, your Life on Purpose Coach for Health and Wellness. I am looking forward to working with you and helping you to overcome stresses in your life which can lead to burnout and achieving balanced health and balanced living. If you ever have any questions or otherwise need to contact me, please send me an email – I’ll be glad to hear from you!

I am going to share a little about myself so you will feel you know me a little. I grew up in a very health conscious family. My mother was into nutrition – especially once she and my father became vegetarians (my siblings and I became vegetarians by default, as my mother stopped buying meat products!) My mother continuously experimented in the kitchen preparing healthy meals that tasted good - so we would eat it! As a result, I developed an early interest in eating healthy and being conscious about reading food labels carefully as I shopped.

Actually, I read all labels, as my initial curiosity about health and wellness extended to living as eco-friendly a lifestyle as my husband and I can manage. In addition to enjoying foods in a delicious but healthy way, I shop consciously for natural fibers in my clothing. We also strive to improve our gardening skills and, living in semi desert, are in the process of xeriscaping our yard.

Raised Buddhist from age 12, I am no stranger to meditation and spiritual mindedness. Growing up in my family meant lots of family discussions centering around philosophy and spirituality. In my late teens, we studied A Course In Miracles. I enjoyed many discussions within my family and a local study group exploring how the Course coincided with our Buddhist practice and everyday living. These discussions broadened my appreciation for the many philosophies by which people live and for the broad experience of Life itself.

Following my passion for spirituality and helping people, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Psychology, and Masters in Counseling. I’ve enjoyed working as both a general mental health counselor and as a drug and alcohol counselor within a private organization. Working with my clients as a counselor, I enjoyed building trusting relationships based upon listening to my clients. I helped them with their care by encouraging them to voice what they thought was best for them in their treatment goals.

During my twenties, I struggled with severe joint pain and inflammation that had me hobbling around feeling like I was in my eighties. I felt confused. I was living a reasonably healthy lifestyle wherein I was constantly active – swim instructor and lifeguard, avid cyclist, yet barely able to drive an automatic transmission car, write, or navigate stairs due to heavy inflammation throughout my body. I became aware over time that many of my choices in food I enjoyed were crippling me. I had to limit or eliminate many foods from my diet. I also began learning about “superfoods” – foods that are considered particularly nutritious like raw cacao, which contains the highest dose of magnesium per serving than any other known food (chocolate, anyone?) As a result of my dietary changes which I continue to refine, I am eager to share my experiences with any of you who are also struggling with health issues from diet and related deficiencies. Super purpose begins with super wellness – fed by a super diet!

After several years as a counselor, I left the field to explore building a business around producing my own natural skincare products. While that business plan ultimately failed, I learned to appreciate my own independence in making my own body care and household cleaning products, as well as buying locally for other natural, homemade products. I was led to turn my focus back within - to return to spiritual balance and wellbeing. During one of my earlier meditations, I received my spiritual name, “Erivynn”, and was later “instructed” to take on this name in my professional life. I have since written two books on spirituality and how to draw that center of calm into everyday life. I can assist you to bring that inner calm into focus and balance healthy, enjoyable eating, exercise and a zest for life! As your coach, I will help you gain purpose one step at a time- to truly enjoy your lifestyle – and workstyle!

Namaste ~ your Coach, Erivynn

The Workbook

I had lots of doubts that I was writing truly at first, and shared the conversations with family members and friends, who thought the writings made sense. I also found other blogs of channeled information that indirectly collaborated what I was “hearing”.

The book/workbook that followed as a result of my first channelings, Conversations with my Self provides insights and conversations that build the steps for others to connect inward to their Higher Self and guides to do exactly what I am doing. The goal is for all of us to be able to utilize this resource found within ourselves, so that we all will recognize ourselves as sovereign entities, each having claimed his or her divine spiritual gifts and to live life both with and on purpose.

About the unicorn:

The unicorn shown here is my mascot of one of my guides who is a unicorn. Unicorns represent magic and endless possibilities. I strive to live day to day to soak up and appreciate the wonders in my life.

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You are what you choose... One year from today your life is going to be better or worse than it is today... You cannot, not choose. - Dr. Phil

Disclamer: The information provided in this Health Tip of the Day is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitue for advice from a physician or other health care professional.

Book: A Primer into Consciousness
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