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"A super you is achieved not in leaps and bounds, but with one super small step at a time."

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Are you how you always dreamed yourself to be?

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Life on Purpose Coaching

Super Purpose Begins with Super Wellness....

Especially for those of you in the caregiving professions, burnout drains you of your lifeforce energy. It leaves you feeling depleted and exhausted, down, or depressed. It can leave you with feelings of discouragement, sadness, and powerlessness to affect change. All these negative emotions deplete your health, leading to sickness and chronic illness, which continue to lower emotional well-being in an endless cycle.

My coaching packages are specifically designed for those in the caregiving professions to learn:

  1. Small easy steps to help overcome feelings or symptoms of burnout
  2. How to feel more energized ~ both at work & outside of work
  3. How to overcome chronic tiredness and fatigue - on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally
  4. How to overcome low or depressed mood; feel more positive at work - and in life
  5. How to reduce illness with overall increased wellness
  6. How to feel more self-purpose and self-fulfillment

Overcoming Burnout into a Life on Purpose involves Change

As a Health Coach, I work in partnership with you to first identify problems, then the obstacles and work with you to create strategies to move you forward toward long-term solutions. I will assist you to create and sustain the mindset necessary to make lifestyle changes. I can also provide additional resources to help you make healthier behavioral choices which lead to change.

My coaching model uses behavioral interventions derived from well-established behavior change models and strategies. For example, it includes Dr. James Prochaska's 6 stages of change model which prove that individuals move through unique stages of readiness when making permanent behavior change. Change is more successful when the process of change is matched to each person's stage of readiness. Change is accomplished using small, manageable steps as part of a longer process.

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Health Tip of the Day

Limited thinking is about the past. It is your interpretation or generalized belief of what you think is possible for you. These beliefs cause you to hesitate or not give your all. Unlimited thinking is in the present. It is a choice you make that absolutely anything is possible for you in the moment. You have the power to change limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. - Kevin Touhey

Disclamer: The information provided in this Health Tip of the Day is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitue for advice from a physician or other health care professional.

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